Salem Youth Soccer

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Special requests regarding teams or coaches will not be allowed.
Salem Youth Soccer does its best to field balanced teams. Special requests disrupt this process and are unfair to other participants and teams.

Participants must play in age appropriate programs to prevent injury and unfair competition.

Grade/Age Guidelines for Fall 2019/Spring 2020:

Grade PG (formerly U19) in 1st year post-HS graduation and born on/after 01/01/2000 (SPRING SEASON ONLY)
Grade 11/12 (formerly U18) attending 11th or 12th grade and born on/after 01/01/2001 (SPRING SEASON ONLY)
Grade 9/10 (formerly U16) attending 9th or 10th grade and born on/after 01/01/2003 (SPRING SEASON ONLY)
Grade 7/8 (formerly U14)‚ attending 7th or 8th grade and born on/after 01/01/2005
Grade 5/6 (formerly U12) attending 5th or 6th grade and born on/after 01/01/2007
Grade 3/4 (formerly U10) attending 3rd or 4th grade and born on/after 01/01/2009
Grade 1/2 (formerly U08) attending 1st or 2nd grade and born on/after 01/01/2011
Grade PK/KG (formerly U06) attending Pre-K (starting Kindergarten Fall 2019, Grade = -1) or Kindergarten (Grade = 0)and born between 01/01/2013 and 07/31/2015
Grade PS (formerly U04) born between 01/01/2015 and 08/31/2016 (Grade= -2 starting K Fall 2021 or Grade = -3 starting K Fall 2022)

Children must be at least 3 years old as of August 31st, 2019 to play in Fall 2019


Late Fees and Closing Dates take effect at 12:01AM on the date listed for the respective programs!


Registrations received after the deadline are subject to a $20.00 non-refundable Late Fee. Family Cap discounts are applied to the lowest fees.The single season Family Cap is $225.

Player Handbook

Refund Policy

Requests must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors for Approval. Email requests are not accepted. 

Requests must be received prior to the 1st game of the season in order to be considered.

Salem Youth Soccer will only consider refunding registration fees if one of the reasons listed below applies:

*A medical condition that prevents playing; this must be supported by a doctor's note.

*A medical condition of a parent or guardian that creates a hardship

All requests must be submitted in writing and are subject to approval by the SYS Board of Directors. The person submitting the request must be a parent or guardian associated with the player in our member database. A $30 fee for administrative costs will be applied to all approved requests.  Late fees are non-refundable.

Refund Form