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by posted 10/20/2021

What's up, Tamales.


I heard practice went well tonight -- sorry I couldn't be there.

We're at McGrath this Saturday, at 3:00, playing the Beverly Red Stars. It should be a really tight game. I'm super excited.

Have a great coupld of days. We'll see you Saturday!!!

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by posted 10/20/2021

What's up, Tamales!


Well done on Monday -- that was a super fun night of stations. (Just in case we ever revisit it, your record for the obstacle course, as a team, was 1:19:50. That's pretty darn fast.)

Coach Theresa is running practice tonight. (I'll be down working with the boys, so let's make sure to say hello either before or after practice.)

5:00, at McGrath, waaaaaay back on the upper fields.

Have an awesome time, Tamales!

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by posted 10/17/2021

What's up, Tamales!

What a game yesterday! You played so well!!!

It was, by far, your best positional play so far. You used the width of the field, and you strung together some good passes. Really -- it was super fun to watch. Great work.


Starting tomorrow, Monday practices will be at 5:15. (That way we won't practice in the dark.)


Later, Tamales! Have a great Sunday! See you tomorrow!

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by posted 10/16/2021

What's up, Tamales! Psyched for today's game???


You were scoring machines on Wednesday! Today's game should be super fun.


Quick reminder: we're playing at John George Park in Danvers. It's on River Street. (We're not playing at the park cited on the SYS website!)


See you in a bit, Tamales!

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by posted 08/24/2021

Hot Tamales Practice Schedule


Mondays 5:45-6:45pm (lower field)


Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm (upper field)

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